The director of the hospital, confirmed the entry of 20 people to the cleaning sector and Monthly Wages radiology professionals who depended on PROSATE .

11At a press conference, the director of the Regional Hospital of Comodoro Rivadavia, Alicia Sampaolesi, confirmed the admission of 20 people to the cleaning sector in addition to the 55 who already perform tasks in the hospital. In addition, the professional guaranteed the provision of the radiology service.

“With regard to the professional cleaning service sector, today the 20 revenues were effective, only the type of cleaning and shifts remain scheduled,” said Sampaolesi, adding that “they enter into a modality of agents that we have in Article 16 Of the Collective Labor Agreement “.

In this sense, the head of the Regional Hospital said that the 20 entrants “will be for a year hired and that way they will have to do a course where they will be evaluated; Those who pass this course and are efficient in the task will enter a permanent plant “.

Sampaolesi said that “I could not say why the measures of forces, because I explained clearly that on April 1 were to enter 20 people,” according to the claim they made from the sector. Radiology   Moreover, the director of the Regional Hospital, referred to the answer given to the radiologic technologists who served through PROSATE. Sampaolesi confirmed that the professionals were monthly, depending on the provincial health ministry.

These are “Technicians Radiologists who have long been contracted by PROSATE to work in the Regional Hospital, since it no longer works in Commodore, was made the postulation for the month of the same for the guard. That is why it was authorized as of March 27, which has been informed to professionals, “he concluded.

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