Cardiac scoring test measuring the amount of calcium in the accumulation of plaque on the coronary arteries. This process is a taking test to used computed tomography or CT, a specialized type of x-ray test. The scanner takes pictures very narrow sections of the heart. In a healthy cardiovascular system, it does not take calcium buildup in the arteries.

In most cases, doctors always do an adequate idea of the state of your heart through a physical test or other tests and this test was taken to check your Cardiac calcium scoring . Cardiac calcium scoring is advised for patients who are considered at average risk for a heart attack.


A radiology technologist will perform the cardiac calcium scoring test. A radiology technologist set of small metal discs called electrodes on your chest. The son connect these drives to a EKG machine that measures the electrical activity of your heart to paper. You will lie on a table attached to the CT scanner to the test. You’ll probably be alone in the exam room as its take about 30 minutes, but you’ll be able to talk with the radiology technologist via a two-way intercom. A radiologist and your family doctor or cardiologist will review the test results.