We supply materials for shielding and protection systems for shielding the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the antennas of mobile phone, wifi, wimax base stations.

In addition to shielding materials used to protect vital spaces of high frequency electromagnetic pollution, suminsitramos a range of items of protective clothing, and protective covers mobile that reduce radiation absorbed by his head while talking by mobile phone.

To see our full range of protection products, please visit our online store. Here are the most used products to inhibit high-frequency electromagnetic pollution, both to the principle of prudent avoidance front exposures, as to relieve the symptoms of electrosensibility.

YSHIELD HSF54 shielding paint

pintura apantallamiento


The best solution for shielding the interiors against radio pollution is to use a conductive paint specifically designed for shielding space radiation microwave that comes from mobile phone antennas. We recommend painting of armor YSHIELD HSF54, that consists of particles of carbon contained in a high quality pure acrylic emulsion. Paint is used to isolate both interiors and exteriors, the frequencies of mobile telephony has a shield of 37 dB (reduction by 99.98%) efficiency in a hand, and 44 DB (99.996%) in both hands. Applies on the walls as a normal plastic paint. Then, you can paint above the layer of YSHIELD HFS54 with a decorative plastic paint.

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Shielding fabrics for curtains

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Dining room with curtains shielding

Usually, much of the radiation from antennas enters through the windows and that is very important to shield these sensitive points. Shielding against radiation windows, normally use a special fabric fabric – we recommend the New DayLite – or sheer fabrics to make curtains or drapes. These fabrics are also used to make nets and skies of bed.Inhibiting New Daylite and Voile, without surface conductivity, and character textile fabrics are washable (30 ° C, without using dryer), incorporate thin copper wires covered with a layer of lacquer that provides electromagnetic radiation shielding properties. DayLite and sheer fabrics have a high shielding efficiency on all ranges of frequencies used by mobile phone networks.

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Conductive foils for windows

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Shielding EN50 Folio

If your windows have aluminum frame, as an alternative to conductive fabric curtains, you can install a conductive sheet of paper in the window pane. The folios are semi-transparent and allow the entrance of light, contain several thin metal layers to provide a surface conductivity and therefore possess characteristics of microwave radiation shielding. Please note that it is not advisable to install pages in frames of PVC Windows, given that radiation enters through frames with greater ease than by the glass windows.

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Shield for outdoor and construction mesh

New constructions or renovations a conductive mesh ถุง พลาสติก can incorporate the work for shielding electromagnetic radiation. This mesh can be fixed to structures and barriers of balconies or terraces for shielding outdoor spaces.

We have various types of protective mesh:

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50m mesh A2000 + roll

A2000 + is a mesh of stainless steel fibres interwoven with a layer of conductive, easy to apply, foldable, resistant to rot and frost, therefore, is very suitable for outdoor applications. You can be installed inside walls and concrete structures, and it can also replace the normal reinforcement mesh.

HEG10 is a semi-transparent mesh of stainless steel of high efficiency to isolate high-frequency radiation, and electric fields of low frequency (with Earth). It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can install the mesh between two structures of plasterboard or plaster, or directly attach it to the wall using any mode of fastening.

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Meshes and shielding of very high eficica felts

In applications such as insulation against electromagnetic interference, safety issues, and other demanding applications, you need to install very high eficicia materials. The most suitable materials are HNG100 and HNG80 compact screens. The HNG100 is a compact metallic Polyester mesh due to its high metallic content, its high efficiency (100 dB) even at high frequencies of several GHz. It is an ideal material to construct Faraday cages. Attaches directly to the surface to shielding by a queue of dispersion or other form of attachment according to the needs of the project.

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