The Health Technology Park (PTS) in Granada continues to expand services and look for new avenues of business. In this case related to the care activity, which will have its main axis in the opening of the new hospital. But there is also room for private activity, which they also want to encourage. Thus, the Park is constructing a new Medical Center, a building that will offer consultations in rent to doctors and sanitary specialists to develop their private work.

The objective, for example, is that doctors, dentists, psychologists or therapists, among others, can open their private consultation in the Park in a building that will bring together all this activity and that can come into operation in the first half of 2016. “Equal Which have consultations in flats for rent in the center of the city, the intention is that they come here to a specific building much more comfortable in which they can have their consultation and will have common services as reception, secretarial, cleaning and waiting rooms ” , Said the manager of the Park Foundation, Jesús Quero.

The medical center is already built next to the new business center that will open before the end of the year. The latter will locate technology-based companies, End of tenancy cleaning melbourne and complementary services to the Park and the city of Granada has already been asked to license the first occupation with the aim of opening in the last quarter of the year. And it seems to be successful since it has 50% of the space already pre-booked.

A few months after opening the business center, the medical center will start operating, with the same philosophy of modular spaces for rent but instead for companies, for doctors and professionals of the health branch.

It has 2,431 square meters built and will have 49 modules of queries between 25 and 49 square meters. As modular spaces can be rented one or more, depending on the need. They will have part of office and part of assistance with stretcher or the instruments that the doctor needs. All but the operating room and radiological area.

In addition, it will have a shared reception that will manage all the appointments and the agenda of the day of each consultation; Common waiting room and services included as cleaning.

It is almost finished on the outside and the details are missing inside. The total construction will be completed by the end of the year so that it can enter into operation next year during the first months.

The project has already been presented to the College of Physicians of Granada and will make after the summer vacation a formal presentation to the members so they know the service, in addition to other professional groups.

With this new project, the Technology Park expands its offer of services and approaches private medical care. There was already a construction company that projected a similar idea but the lack of financing thwarted its execution. With this will be added new offers of assistance, which will be completed with the future International Center of Phlebology Dr. Juan Cabrera.

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