The event began with a tribute to tango, with projections as “The Day You Love Me” by Carlos Gardel (1935) or “South” with interpretation of’Polaco’ Roberto Goyeneche, which gave him a good air Buenos Aires at the beginning of the evening.

black dress and neckline, winning brand of Hugo, Ana Fontan, became owner of the stage and performed a medley of tangos with pieces like “is said of me” or “I do not know what I have done your eyes , ” accompanied on piano by Diego Vila.

despite this beginning to pure music, it was a gala that was taken by long speeches and small numbers of entertainment, which allowed the maelstrom of the 21 prizes will succeed one another in the night that “Eva does not sleep” by Pablo Aguero, took first place on the podium with five statuettes, including Best director.

Informal, President of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), Alejandro Cacetta, took the stage to recognize not only the task of the chroniclers, but also the momentum of the local box office, the once he said that there is a “diversity” of movies that receive recognition at international festivals.

“it is a great moment of cinema not only for the local market, but there are films that are making awards and have outside a large diversity “Cacetta said, who presented the new plan to promote the Incaa last week and was recognized by the secretary General of ACCA, Claudio Minghetti.

just Minghetti, that strict and flirty frac contrasted with little formality of the rest of the chroniclers and guests, greeted the Jewish community for the new year and requested that the condor, which gives its name to the prizes, “never be used to irrigate blood the continent.”

“We achieved the support of many agencies State and have had immediate, very fruitful, answers to see that in Argentina you can build on the built and not to involve politics in some subjects. Is a virtue that development plans are presented because it serves to Argentine cinema keeps growing , “said journalist Telam.

The manager of ACCA also said that” it is a key and special national cinema moment and we must insist that there is no ability to go back “after acknowledge the support of the Public TV, which broadcast the gala, Minister Hernán Lombardi and Incaa.

they Nonetheless, among the winners there were some complaints or criticisms as the winner for Best photography for his work on “Eva does not sleep , ” Ivan Gierasinchuk, who started the applause of the audience to blurt: “no offense to anyone, do not want more governments like that today governs us because it brings ideas that fall behind.”

Paola Barrientos, upon receiving the award for Revelation Female for her role in “Natural Sciences”, left in the air the few spaces for projections beyond the acknowledgments: “I think that neither my old came to go to the cinema to see the movie” he said about something that Cacetta himself acknowledged in interviews as soon took over.

in that line the winner was located at the Department of Art, Mariela Rípodas ( “Eva does not sleep”): “I always have a lot of work and this year there were very few films, I do not know why , “he said in clear reference to the low alleged in local productions.

the moment human rights that all awards has been in charge of Joaquin Furriel, winner for Best Actor for his starring role in” the pattern … “who represented a semi slave of a butcher who ended up killing, by the poor condition of the goods, a number of people.

” the award was especially dedicated to Victor Saldivar, the real Hermogenes (the protagonist) . We need to avoid these situations. The ILO chose this film as an example.Denounce if we see patterns bastards “like the film, Furriel. Said

As in previous editions of the Condor, there was also time for various tributes, as they were on the path to Hugo Arana and Norma Aleandro, or Alejandro Agresti by . “The act in question”

were also recognized “Adiós Sui Generis” Bebe Kamin and produced by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson in 1976, during the military repression; Oscar Barney Fynn 50 years of his first film, “The Ballad of return”, and the researcher Roberto Blanco Pazos.

A hoarse and almost inaudibly Arana, who was shooting all night, said that Argentina is “a country of largest film harvest “with” genres full of nuances , “while asked the media to give more space to the good news” as these awards. ”

the most emotional speeches put them Monica Lairana, winning a best supporting actress by “the pattern, radiograph of a crime”, who thanked his mother “despite” carried badly, and Alejandro Carrillo, for editing in “the Clan”, the film by Pablo Trapero, who acknowledged that without the breadwinners could not work in cinema.

there was also a tribute performed by the author of soundtracks Paul Hall, next to Gloria Pankaeva and Gaston Frosio, to deceased artists such as Ricardo Dupont, Irma Roy, Hugo Castro, Mariano Mores, director Juan Pablo Laplace, Horacio Salgán, screenwriter Placido Donado or cameraman Diego Triviño.

“film is contributing to television, not only with people in front and behind the camera, but with an aesthetic that enriches” Radice said in announcing the first installment for Best Audiovisual Work Platforms Digital, which took him “Story of a clan , ” Luis Ortega.

Dolores Fonzi, who could not be present at the gala, the Condor for Best Actress was with a role not only it was recognized locally, but last July, won the Platinum Award, the award celebrating Latin American Cinema.

So passed a new installment of the Silver Condor Awards, with a roster that did not show a clear winner, beyond the five statuettes for “Eva does not sleep , ” because the main, as Film and Actor, went to “the pattern …” and actress Dolores Fonzi for that sum awards in a year in which the Argentine cinema did the same in Venice, San Sebastian and Biarritz. You can watch it on couchtuner.

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